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The Oakridge Montessori Academy has a two-fold vision: to gain the social importance, possible through being a school within the house, and to provide the purely pedagogic importance gained by its methods for the education of children, who we hope to inspire to learn for the rest of their lives.

Because of this, we work every day in order to ensure that the physical development of each child is maximized while encouraging linguistic exercises, a systematic sense-training, and exercises which directly prepare the child for duties of practical life. Our goal is always to provide objective teaching methods while presenting a unique richness of didactic material which will allow your child to grow into the special individual that he or she is.

We have put the school within the house; and this is not all. We have placed it within the house as the property of the collectivity, leaving under the eyes of the parents the whole life of the teacher in the accomplishment of her high mission.


After five years of such a novitiate, when the children move to common schools, they will be excellently prepared to co-operate in their own education, and will have acquired a sentiment, rarely found even among the best classes; namely, the idea that they must merit, through their own conduct and with their own virtue, the knowledge that they gain and the courses they pursue.

We have developed a method of observation which is based on the profound respect we have for the liberty of the pupils. In this way, all of our pedagogical methods and everything we do at Oakridge is founded on the liberty of the child.

Our mission is to cultivate discipline through liberty, a philosophy inherent to the Montessori program. In this way, we only call a person “disciplined” when he has learned how to master himself and control his own actions. While it may be a difficult concept to comprehend, it is a remarkable principle which we make our mission every day.

We’re dedicated to moving beyond simple daycare or preschool.  Contact us today  with any questions you may have regarding our vision or our mission, and see how our methods have changed the lives of so many children.