At Oak Ridge Early Education Center, we work to provide time-tested techniques, state-of-the-art facilities and the latest equipment in order to support children in a safe, fun, exciting and nurturing environment. The adults at our facility are committed to providing stimulating learning activities that reflect the unique needs of each child and our specially-designed “four building blocks,” ensure a holistic and realistic development with a sense of individuality.

“The 4 Building Blocks” constructed with the Montessori Philosophy are:

LEARNING PROGRAMS – For young children to reach their full potential in a learning environment, they must each be viewed as an individual with unique interests, varying skill levels and specific needs. Our goal is always to identify and fulfill each child’s individual needs.

NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – We have developed a specialized program which combines health food choices with gross and fine motor skills so children are enticed to make healthy choices on their own.

CENTRE STAFF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT – Oak Ridge’s center staff is made up of qualified, registered, early childhood professionals who are dedicated to the development of every individual child. They undertake continuing levels of study to achieve qualifications which allow them to better care for all children under 6 years old. Our staff is employed according to the Child Care Regulations and Acts specific to each state/territory.

FACILITIES AND ENVIRONMENT – We pride ourselves on making certain that all center facilities are constantly upgraded, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all children. Our extensive play and educational facilities are specifically designed with child safety and child development as the main priority while allowing for the development of personal dignity and ability in each child – no matter how young. This is one of the most valuable and permanent benefits of Montessori education, and it is one which promotes a quality environment every single day. This special, proven approach will guide your child toward independence, a love of learning and future success.

Under the careful guidance of our certified staff, children develop at their own pace and learn that daycare can be an unending adventure, one that inspires a lifetime of discovery.

Stage I: 0 to 1 year 6 months

The first three years of life are the most significant ones in the development of a child. “The small size of a newborn and its inability to take care of itself invokes our loving attention. The infant’s physical development is phenomenal and apparent and inspires our care and attention. Yet a more profound but less obvious development takes place within the child.” This period is known as the ‘Spiritual Embryo’.

Stage II: 1 year 6 months to 3 years

The idea is that the second embryonic period occurs during the first three years of life, this stage is essential to forming the child’s intelligence, as this is the time when the child acquires culture and language as well as numerous other qualities. It is a period when the core of personality, social being and the essence of spiritual life are formed. It is widely recognized, that as adults we are largely the product of our first two years of life, a time of which we have no conscious memories.

Stage III: 3 years to 6 years

The 3 to 6 year old child undergoes a process of self-construction. The application of the Montessori philosophy and the specifically-designed Montessori equipment aids the child’s ability to absorb knowledge and continue to learn his entire life.

There are four main areas in the pre-primary program:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Mathematics

Oak Ridge Early Education Center also emphasizes:

  • Creative arts
  • Music
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Cultural Studies

A child’s developmental drive comes from an assimilation of the culture surrounding her. In this way, our pre-primary environment is directed toward developing each child’s individual culture and diversity by bringing the world to the child. Globes, maps, songs, land forms, collections of pictures of life in different cultures and much more is offered at Oak Ridge with the aim of helping the child to grow as an individual, appreciating the larger context of his or her world.

Auxiliary: With the guiding principle of all-round development, we work to lay equal emphasis on out-of-classroom activities.

The children are exposed to life around them in a practical manner, so that they are not limited to purely theoretical knowledge. This approach stimulates the minds of children, helping them to think and act independently.

In addition to this, several class trips, house visits, practical demonstrations and other out-of-the-classroom activities are organized on a regular basis.

House visits are organized to various classmates’ houses to develop social skills. These visits help to nurture concepts of social etiquette like how to behave, share and care for each other while having friends over or visiting their peers.